Back Row:  Tim, Beth, Joel, Jonathan
Front Row:  Katie, Andrea 

Please join us in celebrating the ministry of Rev. Tim & Beth Heiney and the Kansas District Guinea Partnership – past, present and future. The Heineys are traveling throughout Kansas in October and early November to express heartfelt thanks for the support and participation of the Kansas District. If they are visiting a location near you, stop by to listen and learn about the ministry of the Guinea Lutheran Church and partnership with the Kansas District.

Heiney Travel Schedule

Birthdays:  Tim - Feb. 11, Beth - Nov. 18, Joel - Dec. 11, 
                  Jonathan - June 30, Katie - March 16, Andrea -
                  Jan. 10 

Anniversary:  June 18


Newsletter:  Summer 2014    

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Contact Information

Rev. Tim Heiney

Beth Heiney -

Prayer Support

Our Guinea missionaries are praying every Wednesday at noon our time.  Please join them - whether you are at work, at home, at school, at church, etc. 

From Rev. Tim Heiney -
"Jesus made blind eyes see.  He made the deaf hear...and I believe that through your prayers, God can and will make people ABLE to hear our words.  He will make it so blinded minds CAN see the light of the gospel in the glory of Christ.  Your prayers can make all the difference."


From Beth Heiney - "We talk a lot about prayer and the importance of prayer, but sometimes I don't think we explain just how vital it is to the work here.  Being here without the backing of people at home praying for us would be like trying to get somewhere in a vehicle without putting in fuel.  We could probably push the car a ways, but we'd get tired and give up.  Your prayers have been a great blessing to us and our ministry."