MOST Ministries Eyeglass Clinic Trip, Feb. 2011

Above is a picture of our MOST Ministries Eyeglass Clinic Trip members with Tim Heiney – Traci Rahe, Ken Jorns, Liz Wade, Debby Suchyta, Betty Lortscher, Barbara Torrey, Mark Rogers, and Gary Lortscher.  Below are reflections from Ken Jorns, Gary Lortscher, Barbara Torrey and Beth Heiney.

An Eyeglass Clinic has five stations.  Our team leader, Debby Suchyta from MOST Ministries, trained us in the specific duties of each station.

1.  Registration – each patient is assigned a registration number
     to help keep chaos in check
2.  Nurse’s Station (Traci) – determine the health of a patient’s
3.  Two Testing Stations (Mark and Barb) – determine both
     distance and reading capabilities
4.  Dispensing Station (Liz, Ken, and Betty) – eyeglasses are
     tested to determine which is the best
5.  Fitting Station (Gary) – eyeglasses are cleaned and fitted to
     each patient.

In the village settings, local clergy, churchmen, or our missionary team  made arrangements for our clinics.  Tim Heiney or Tim Norton would daily greet the assembled folks with prayer and evangelism.  Then they would explain our organizational methods and assist with crowd control.  The local clergy would assist us with language translation. 

Given the minimal infrastructure in Guinea, it is truly remarkable, like a miracle, to have had a small hand in helping someone gain improved sight by simply having a pair of eyeglasses fitted to his or her face.  It’s impossible to describe the joy on people’s faces when they receive glasses and are able to see.  

Collecting Eyeglasses

Since we are organizing these trips to Guinea to serve in Eyeglass Clinics, can you guess what we need to start collecting again?  Please get the word out in your congregations and schools that we need eyeglasses to distribute to those in need – both children and adults.  What a wonderful opportunity this is for our Guinea Lutheran Church to reach  out.  They provide glasses for physical sight and the Holy Spirit works through them to provide spiritual sight!  Below are the different types of glasses needed and the address to send them to.  Thank you for your help!

MOST Ministries accepts the following type of glasses:
     • Adult-sized Glasses
     • Children-sized Glasses
     • Non-prescription Sunglasses
     • Over-the-Counter Reading Glasses – especially 1.0 and
Please sort the eyeglasses before mailing as broken glasses cannot be used.

For shipping purposes please send all glasses to:
     MOST Ministries
655 Phoenix Drive
     Ann Arbor, MI 48108

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Wrightson (MOST Ministries Eyeglass Director) at 734-994-7909 ext. 14 or