Prayer Walking by Rev. Mark Frith

One of the Outreach Tools that several congregations are employing is “prayer walking.”  It is very simple. You walk your neighborhood, recognize that God is working in your community, and pray for those that you see.  Jesus did it.  Mark, Chapter one, Jesus found a solitary place to pray.  When His disciples found Him, He said, “Let us go to…nearby villages…so that I can preacher there also.”  Jesus prayed over Jerusalem, we hear in Luke 13.  Jesus intentionally wandered into Samaritan territories during his earthly ministry.  Why?  In order to engage culture and to fulfill the Messianic prophesies that included welcoming gentiles.

Prayer Walking, you might say, is praying with all your senses.  Walk about.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  When you walk by that house that is deteriorating and yard littered, yes that one that you and your family/friends use to talk down those “no-good” neighbors, why don’t you stop and pray for those who live there?  Do you think that there might be a whole lot more that is deteriorating in their lives?  If it’s an eye-sore, maybe there is a whole lot more that’s hurting than paint, uncut lawn, and broken down car.  What might God be waiting to do through you for the neighbors?  Again, the Lord is at work in your community because Jesus said the Kingdom of God is near.  

Now, what is the human need in your community?  How will your congregation set out in mercy to assist with meeting some of those unmet needs?  Who are the people of peace in your community, that don’t darken the doors of your church (or others), that might be open to the joy that is in you through Christ?  Walk about your community, praying that the Kingdom expands, real human needs are met, and your joy becomes others’ new joy!  If you’re unable to walk or live in a rural community, Prayer Drive!